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Summary Information

  • Operator: CNOOC
  • Country: China
  • Location: South China Sea
  • Production start: 1996
  • Partners: CNOOC (51 per cent), and Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Company (49 per cent)
  • Type: Gas
  • Estimated Reserves: 3-trillion cubic feet of gas
  • Production Volume:


  • The Yacheng field has estimated reserves of more than 3-trillion cubic feet of gas, making it the largest offshore natural gas producing field in China
  • Yacheng 13-4 Gas Field is a satellite
  • The gas is mostly transported to Hong Kong through a 480-mile pipeline, the second longest subsea pipeline in the world.
  • A second pipeline supplys natural gas to local industries on Hainan Island some 60 miles away.


  • HHI: Construction of Wellhead Platform & Pile
  • Saipem:
    • Yacheng RDPP1 - LQ Jacket
    • Gas pipeline installation


  • 1983 - Yacheng 13 1 Gas Field discovered
  • 1996 - Production start up
  • 2004 - BP handed operatorship to its major project partner CNOOC
  • 2012 - Yacheng 13-4 Gas Field Starts Production
  • 2013 - BP sells stake KUFPEC


  • The primary reservoir is the Middle/Late Oligocene Lingshui-3 Member sandstones, which were developed during a major marine transgression in response to the continued opening up of the South China Sea. The thermal subsidence during late syn-rift stage created substantial accommodation space that contributed to the development of overwhelmingly thick succession (over 150 m) of reservoir sandstones with excellent reservoir quality.


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