VME Process FPSO References
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Gas Dehydration and TEG Regeneration

FPSO India

2014 E-House FPSO Brazil

2014 Electrostatic Coalescer Package FPSO India

MEG Pretreatment, Regeneration & Reclamation Package

Onshore Saudi Arabia

2014 Bulk CO2 Removal Onshore Venezuela

2013 Gas Dehydration & TEG Regeneration Offshore Gulf of Mexico

2013 Produced Water Treatment Module FPSO Brazil

2013 Crude Oil Treatment Train, including Electrostatic Coalescers Onshore Iraq

2013 Amine Gas Sweetening Onshore Saudi Arabia

2013 Gas Dehydration & TEG Regeneration Package Offshore China

2012 Electrostatic Treater FPSO India

2012 Compressor Package Modules FPSO Brazil

2012 Gas Dehydration & TEG Regeneration Package Offshore Brazil

2012 CO2 Membrane Skids Onshore Indonesia

2012 Crude Separation, Oil Dehydration (Electrostatic Treater) & Heat Exchanger Skids Offshore Trinidad & Tobago

2011 Retrofit Process Internals for Crude Separation & Stabilization System FPSO Brazil

2011 Free Water Knock-out Vessel & Oil Treater Package Skids Onshore Canada

2011 Test Separator Internals Offshore Gulf of Mexico

2011 E-Houses (3 buildings) Offshore Brazil

2011 Gas Dehydration & Glycol Regeneration Package Offshore Vietnam

2011 Oil Separation Process Internals Offshore Gulf of Mexico

2011 COMPLETE TOPSIDES- 8 modules FPSO Indonesia

2010 2nd Stage Desalter Internals Offshore Yemen

2010 Gas Treatment Plant - Amine Unit, Gas Dehydration Unit & Fuel Gas Unit; Gas Processing Module consisting of Gas Sweetening, Gas Dehydration & Fuel Gas Treatment
FPSO Brazil

2010 Oil Separation Package (Free Water Knock-out Drum, 1st Stage Flash Vessel, 1st & 2nd Stage Electrostatic Treater & Test Separator) FPSO Brazil

2010 Produced Water Treatment Module FPSO Equatorial Guinea

2010 Topsides Pressure Vessel Internals FPSO Equatorial Guinea

2010 Common Seawater Filter & Water Injection Coarse Filter Package (510 m3/hr) Offshore Malaysia

2010 Fuel Gas Package (2MMSCFD) Offshore Malaysia

2010 CO2 Pretreatment Module, including Mole Sieve Dehydration, Dew Point Control Unit FPSO Brazil

2009 Chemical Injection Skids, Seawater Injection Systems, Seawater Filtration & Deaeration Skids FPSO Nigeria

2009 Seawater Filtration & Deaeration Skids Offshore China

2009 Gas Sweetening Package (Amine) FPSO Brazil

2009 Oil Desalting Module, Oil Separation, TEG Gas Dehydration, Fuel Gas Conditioning Module FPSO Ghana

2009 Molecular Sieve Dehydration, CO2 Acid Gas Removal (Membrane) FPSO Brazil

2008 Produced Water Treatment Unit with Induced Gas Flotation and Reinjection Pumps Module, Flare Knock-Out Drums FPSO Australia

2007 Flare Package, Glycol Package, Seawater Treatment & Injection Package FPSO Brazil

2007 Produced Water Treatment Package, Crude Stabilization, Reinjection Module, Flare Knockout Module, Inlet Separation FPSO Australia

2007 Production Separator, Electrostatic Treater, Glycol Skid FPSO Angola

2007 COMPLETE TOPSIDES MODULES, including commissioning FPSO Indonesia

2007 Oil Separator, Test Separators FPSO Angola

2007 Compression Suction Scrubbers, Fuel Gas Scrubbers Onshore Russia

2006 Production Separator Offshore UAE

2006 Chemical Injection Skid, Seawater Injection Skid, Nitrogen Generation Package, Gas Dehydration Package FPSO Malaysia

  1. Umuroa FPSO
    • New Zealand
    • Electrostatic Coalescer Internals
    • 2006


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