Vasconia Crude Oil

Summary Information

  • API: 24.3º
  • Sulphur Level: 0.83%
  • Country: Colombia
  • Location: Vasconia Station
  • Source Fields: Fields of the plains and the Upper Magdalena regions

Brief Description

  • A blend of heavy crudes

Distillation Yields

Product %wt
C1 to C4 2.18
Naphtha 6.93
Kerosene 8.36
Gas Oil 26.69
Atmospheric Residue 55.85

Other Specifications

  • Acidity, 0.44 mg KOH/g
  • Nickel, 36.3 mg/Kg
  • Vanadium, 105.0 mg/Kg

Other Information

  • This crude is exported through the Coveñas port, whose loading capacity is the total displacement of 145,000 metric tons, at a pumping rate of up to 35 thousand barrels per hour.
  • The Coveñas Port is located along the Gulf of Morrosquillo on the Atlantic Coast.


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