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Major Projects – International

Algerian Project -­‐ Pipeline Engineering and Survey Management
UniversalPegasus provided overall supervision and quality control to local survey crews during the routing and preliminary survey of three 48-­‐inch crude oil pipelines at three Algerian locations. A UniversalPegasus integrated project team, which included a Houston based draftsman and engineer, executed assigned drafting.

Baku-­‐Tbilisi-­‐Ceyhan Pipeline Company, Baku Azerbaijan
UniversalPegasus provided more than 100 expatriate personnel to assist with the startup, commissioning, operation and maintenance of the BTC crude oil pipeline. The experts included marine terminal operations experts; marine loading experts; master mariners; pipeline and pump station operations personnel; tank farm operations personnel; offshore operations personnel; vapor recovery system operations experts; instrumentation and electrical commissioning technicians; HSE experts; emergency response experts; spill response specialists; logistical support experts; loss prevention consultants; fire response experts and training specialists; physicians and medical health professionals; pigging advisors; electrical, mechanical and civil engineers; SCADA engineers; rotating equipment specialists; metering experts; health and social services specialists; environmental engineers; technical training experts; certification engineers; materials and procurement specialists; maintenance advisors; and numerous other compliance specialists for the safe operation and maintenance of the pipeline, pump stations, terminals and related facilities.

BOTAS Petroleum Pipeline Company -­‐ BTC Project Directorate Technical Integrity Assurance Program
UniversalPegasus was retained by BOTAS to assist with the development and execution of the Technical Integrity
Assurance Program (TIP) during the land acquisition and construction phase of the Baku-­‐Tbilisi-­‐Ceyhan Pipeline (BTC) crude oil pipeline project. This was the first proactive pipeline integrity program to be implemented prior to commissioning or operating of a pipeline. UniversalPegasus provided a team of experts in various disciplines from engineers to geologist and environmental specialists to examine the design and construction of the project as it was being performed. The TIP program took a cross section of the project through sampling of the works based upon criticality criteria. The samples were examined and determined either to be acceptable from a technical integrity standpoint or identified as requiring remedial action. This program identified areas of critical concern, provided methods to solve the identified issues and tracked the resolution of each item. The successful resolution of the technical issues raised in the program yielded a reasonable assurance that the BTC pipeline was technically sound, safe for operation and met the integrity requirements of the lump sum turnkey agreement signed by BOTAS. This program was completed prior to the line fill and subsequent loading of the first tanker from the Ceyhan marine terminal.

BOTAS Petroleum Pipeline Company -­‐ Project Management Consultancy Services
UniversalPegasus consulted to the Turkish national pipeline authority (BOTAS) for the project management of the 1077-­‐km, 42-­‐inch Turkish section of the Baku, Azerbaijan to Ceyhan, Turkey crude oil pipeline project. Services provided included project management, mechanical engineering, pipeline engineering, electrical engineering, instrumentation and SCADA engineering, survey, route selection, GIS coordination, management information systems (MIS) coordination, project scheduling, project cost control, geological consulting, landslide and fault crossing hazard identification and remediation, karst region crossings design, river crossing design, environmental regulatory compliance, pump station design, meter station design, procurement assistance, logistics, contract preparation, claims resolution, Health Safety and Environmental (HSE) training, HAZOP, construction support for the pipeline, pump stations and terminals and supporting field services during the detailed design phase of the project.

  1. Bolivia Brazil Gas Pipeline Gsa
    • Bolivia to Brazil Natural Gas Pipeline Project
    • UniversalPegasus provided a QA/QC construction management team to the contractor to improve the quality of pipeline welding for the construction of 235 miles of 32-­‐inch pipeline.
    • The contractor was having a very high weld rejection rate and our team brought the rejection rate down to within acceptable industry standard.
  2. Taurt Gas Field
    • Cameron -­‐ Taurt Field Project
    • UniversalPegasus provided technical support, expediting, procurement and project management services to Cameron as part of the integrated team based in UniversalPegasus’ offices for the Taurt Field project.
    • The project was located offshore Egypt, 12 km northeast of the existing Ha’py platform in a water depth of 106m. Taurt was developed using subsea facilities and a dedicated pipeline, and chemical injection and controls umbilical routed to the West Harbour treatment plant.

Chevron -­‐ Overseas Petroleum Projects
UniversalPegasus has provided construction management and inspection services on offshore platforms, offshore pipelines, docks and tankage on an ongoing basis since 1988 for Cabinda Gulf Oil Company (Chevron Overseas Petroleum) in Angola, Korea, Kazakhstan, Congo, the United Arab Emirates and Brazil.

Confidential Client
900 km of 48” gas export pipeline from Northeastern BC to the West Coast. Scope included preliminary offshore and onshore routing, prefeasibility level engineering, construction planning, and a Class 4/5 estimate.

  1. Block 16 Oil Fields
    • Conoco -­‐ Ecuador Block 16 Projects
    • UniversalPegasus provided pipeline engineering assistance to Conoco Ecuador Ltd. for route planning, design criteria, pipeline facilities design, alignment engineering, cost estimating and technical specifications for the design and construction of more than 100 km of dual main pipelines and flow lines to be constructed in the Orient Region of Ecuador as part of the Block 16 Development Program.
    • UniversalPegasus provided civil, process and electrical engineering assistance for Block 16 production facilities design. In these efforts, UniversalPegasus advised various Ecuadorian engineering companies in CAD systems to correlate with Conoco engineering requirements.
  2. Corridor Crude Oil Pipeline System
    • Corridor Pipeline Expansion for Inter Pipeline Fund
    • 463 km of 42-­‐inch oil pipeline in NE Alberta, for Inter Pipeline Fund. The scope was EPCM, including detailed design, procurement, construction contract documents, construction inspection and construction management, and engineering support during construction.
    • Winter and summer construction, through a broad range of muskeg swamp, rolling bushland, and developed farmland.

El Paso Production -­‐ Measurement Facilities in Brazil
UniversalPegasus provided engineering design and drafting, equipment specifications, instrument data sheets, bill of materials, procurement assistance, a vendor factory acceptance test, construction support, an operations manual, and project data books. The scope of this project involved the installation of measurement facilities to serve as permanent delivery points to Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. (“Petrobras”) at their Guamaré processing facility in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. The measurement facilities included a natural gas meter station with two 12-­‐inch orifice meter runs with the capacity of 60 million standard cubic feet per day (MMscfd) per run, and a gas chromatograph; a natural gas condensate liquid meter station with two 2.5-­‐inch liquid turbine meter runs with the capacity of 275 gallons per minute (gpm) per run; a basic sediment and water (BS & W) monitor; a small volume prover; and a DAC building accommodates the SCADA system, flow computers and power distribution equipment.

Gaz Métro Project
UniversalPegasus is providing services in both FEED and Detail Design and covers the following specific engineering related disciplines: Routing, HDD design, Road and River Crossings, ENVID and HAZID Workshops, GIS services, Cost estimation, Hydraulic modeling, Project Management, Cost Controls and Scheduling. Gaz Métro is the main natural gas distributor in Quebec and has the exclusive rights for distribution of natural gas on the North Shore of Quebec.
This region is the last major industrial and port center of Quebec without access to natural gas. Gaz Métro is planning to install a gas pipeline between Jonquière and Sept-­‐Iles via Baie Comeau, Quebec. The diameter of the pipeline is expected to be 406.4 mm (16 inches) to Port-­‐Cartier and 273.1 or 323.1 mm (10 or 12 inches) from Port-­Cartier to Sept-­‐Iles.

Guangzhou #3 Rolling Mill Project
UniversalPegasus provided engineering, materials procurement, startup assistance and operator training for ancillary systems at a steel rolling mill in China. These systems included liquid nitrogen storage and gasification equipment, a gas and solvent fired boiler and a wastewater treatment system. This project also included the instrumentation and a SCADA system interface.

Inter Jordan Gas Pipeline Project
UniversalPegasus performed preliminary design, cost estimating, route selection, contracting, evaluation and assistance with permitting and environmental considerations for the installation of a 30-­‐inch pipeline crossing the Gulf of Aqaba between Egypt and Jordan; and a 24-­‐inch pipeline between Aqaba and Amman, Jordan, together with laterals to various industrial customers and preliminary design for a future compressor station to be located at Aqaba, Jordan. The project will supply Egyptian natural gas to a power plant and industrial facilities within the Kingdom of Jordan. The Gulf of Aqaba is approximately 13.1 kilometers (5.06 miles) in width and 900 meters deep at the crossing location. When installed, the crossing will be the deepest 30-­‐inch pipeline crossing in the world. The pipeline between Aqaba and Amman is approximately 330 kilometers (127.4 miles) in length. The total project length including laterals is 720 kilometers (278 miles).

  1. Ocensa Oil Pipeline
    • Ocensa Pipeline, Columbia, S.A.
    • UniversalPegasus performed an evaluation of Ocensa’s pipeline segment between stations at Cusiana and Covenas, Colombia, to confirm that, when it was installed in 1996, it was done so in accordance with North American codes, standards and best practices.
    • In addition, an evaluation was undertaken to confirm that the physical, mechanical and civil emergency response and preparedness between Cusiana and Covenas , exceeds North American codes, standards and best practices.
    • Finally, reviews were conducted of the maintenance programs and system modifications and/or repairs, ensuring they complied with and were consistent with North American codes, standards and best practices.

Occidental Eden Yuturi Development Project
UniversalPegasus provided Santos CMI Construction, Inc. with the completion of engineering and procurement efforts to support the overall project schedule requirements for the project to provide crude oil to the OCP Pipeline Project in Ecuador. Santos is part of a joint venture located in Quito, Ecuador, and Houston, Texas. The project includes a 40,000 BOPD, which is expandable to 80,000 BOPD, central production facility and 80 km pipeline to tie into the OCP Pipeline.

  1. West East Gas Pipeline
    • PetroChina Company Limited -­‐ Chaoyang District, Beijing, China Jingbian Compressor station No. 8
    • UniversalPegasus provided engineering services for preparation of construction packages for the PetroChina Company Limited’s (PetroChina) gas turbine driven compressor station at Jingbian, located on the 40-­‐inch West to East Pipeline.
    • UniversalPegasus developed the detailed design and drawings for the compressor facilities consisting of two 30,000 HP Cooper Rolls-­‐Royce RB 211 gas turbines driving RF 36 centrifugal compressors for a total of 60,000 installed HP.
    • Services included the design engineering, drafting, preparation of specifications not available from PetroChina, preparation of bid solicitation drawings and specification packages for miscellaneous materials and equipment, material procurement assistance and the preparation of detailed 3D construction drawings and specifications packages for construction.
    • The project involved the complete installation of two turbine driven centrifugal compressors, automated valves, unit suction, discharge and recycle piping, suction and discharge headers, lube oil and gas recycle coolers, associated auxiliary building and compressor building, un-­‐interruptible backup power supplies (instrument voltage and control voltage UPS), instrument air compressor and dryer reservoir system, unit and station control systems, low voltage motor control station ESD, and compressor USD.
    • The station was designed for unmanned operation with remote monitoring and control.
    • UniversalPegasus provided the design of the medium and low voltage electrical distribution systems, compressed air system and fire detection system for the compressor and auxiliary buildings. Design included building structural, heating and ventilation, communication and electrical equipment installation in the buildings.
    • UniversalPegasus’ electrical design included installation of dual 10 KV transformers and associated motor control.
  2. West East Gas Pipeline
    • PetroChina West-­‐East Natural Gas Pipeline-­‐ Project Study
    • UniversalPegasus performed a natural gas pipeline feasibility and cost-­‐estimate study and completed basic engineering for the proposed PetroChina 4000-­‐km, 40-­‐inch natural gas pipeline from Western China to Shanghai to provide natural gas to fuel electric power plants for use during peak power demand periods.
    • UniversalPegasus will provide construction assistance personnel to insure compliance with the basic design and specifications developed in the study. UniversalPegasus also developed overall implementation plans for project construction, inspection, safety and training. In addition, UniversalPegasus will arrange for project management training support services for key PetroChina management personnel in the U.S.

SE Asia Crude Oil Pipeline and Facility Study
UniversalPegasus performed a crude oil pipeline system feasibility and cost estimate study for an international energy company. The proposed pipeline system would provide imported crude oil to the refinery. The scope of study included a 100-­‐mile, large diameter pipeline, SPM offshore unloading facility, onshore crude oil storage, metering facilities and pump stations.

Shanxi to Beijing Compression Project
UniversalPegasus performed a technical review and provided a recommendation for the design of the Yulin Compressor Station. UniversalPegasus developed a scope of work for engineering services to ensure the project was designed and constructed to international standards, utilizing the most modern applicable technology in the design and procurement of large, electric motor driven natural gas compressors.

Tengiz Refinery De-­‐Bottlenecking Project
UniversalPegasus provided construction management services including construction superintendents, inspectors for electrical, instrumentation, welding and financial personnel for the de-­‐bottlenecking of the Chevron Tengiz refinery in Kazakhstan.

Veba Oil Operation Libya
UniversalPegasus undertook an investigation of environmental issues associated with Veba Oil Company’s
Operation in Libya. Visits were made to Veba’s facilities at the following fields: RAS Lanuf, Ghani, Tibisti, Amal. The overall objective was to evaluate Veba’s problems and provide remedial solutions. In addition, various options for environmental cleanups were offered with comparison of the pros and cons for each solution and recommendations on how to proceed with environmental issues were given in the final report on their environmental issues.

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