Temana Oil Field

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Summary Information

  • Operator: Petronas
  • Country: Malaysia
  • Location:
  • Production start:
  • Partners:
  • Type: Oil / Gas
  • Estimated Reserves:
  • Production Volume:


  • Temana field was discovered in 1962 and brought into production in 1979. The field is located approximately 30 km West of Bintulu in a water depth of approximately 96 ft.
  • It consists of three hydrocarbon accumulations, namely Temana West, Temana Central and Temana East
  • The Temana Revelopment Project involves enhanced oil recovery development


  • MMCOG: Detailed Design For Temana (TEJT-T, TEJT-W & TEJT-C) Platforms


  • 1962 - Temana field was discovered
  • 1979 - First oil produced



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