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  1. Yucal Placer Gas Field
    • YPERGAS – PDVSA GAS – 2012
    • Yucal Placer gas field is located in Venezuela, about 150km south of Caracas, which consists of two blocks (North and South), which are currently in production and expansion.
    • The scope of the Ypergas project was the development of Basic and Detail Engineering for the construction of the N2 and N3 Clusters. Both clusters will provide an estimated natural gas production of over 40 MMPCSPD respectively.
    • Technip Velam developed the Basic and Detail Engineering for three clusters (E1/E2/E4) and their interconnection with N2, which once they are in operation, the maximum potential production of that project will be obtained.
  2. Carabobo 1 Oil Field
    • Petrocarabobo Upstream - C.I.C.S.A – PETROCARABOBO - 2012
    • "Conceptual Engineering Permanent Upstream Facilities"
    • Development of the Conceptual Engineering for the permanent production facilities upstream of Carabobo Block 1, which consider clusters, gathering network, Central Processing Facilities to separate gas, water and oil, and also interconnection pipelines with the Petrocarabobo Upgrader and Morichal Operation Centre.
  3. Junin 6 Oil Field
    • CE Junin Field 6 - PDVSA Petromiranda - Orinoco Oil Belt - 2011
    • Develop conceptual engineering facilities required for collecting extra heavy oil production coming from the area of Campo Junín 6 as well as the facilities required at the Central Processing Facilities (CPF) to process the emulsion and produce diluted crude oil, water and gas.
    • The treatment system and oil production is modular, developed in two (02) Trains of 60 MBPD and three (03) Trains of 120 MBPD in order to achieve a total production capacity of 480 MBPD of extra-heavy crude oil. The development of this engineering and project scope included the design of a production module of 60 MBPD, which will treat the initial production of extra heavy crude oil (18 clusters in operation).
  4. Increase Storage Capacity of Crude Oil in Morichal - PDVSA Exploration and Production Major Projects - Orinoco Belt Division - 2010
    • Basic Engineering Project, which aims to increase storage facilities for Merey crude for Morichal District, which considers the design of the required facilities for the receipt, handling, storage and transfer of Merey crude,from areas of production and operating centers, to the Oficina Tank Yard (PTO).
    • This storage facility will have a capacity to store 2.8 MMBls, divided into eight (8) tanks 350 Bls. each one.
  5. Zuata Oil Field
    • New Clusters and Surface Facilities Expansion - PETROCEDEÑO (Total/Statoil/PDVSA), San Diego de Cabrutica - 2007-2009
    • Detailed engineering, procurement, construction management and Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning support of production facilities. Development connection of a total of 10 clusters divided into 3 groups.


  1. Amuay Refinery
    • (Grass-root) 35,000B/D Naftha Hydro-Treater Plant - HNAY - PDVSA Paraguana Refining Center - Amuay Refinery – Falcon State (Under Construction)
    • Project "Engineering, Procurement and Construction of the Nafta Hydro-Treater Plant for Amuay Refinery - Paraguana Refining Complex.
    • Lump Sum Project which aims to reduce naphtha sulfur content to less than 30 ppm to comply with environmental regulations, while minimizing the loss of gasoline octane. The scope of work includes the execution of detailed engineering, procurement and construction of the new unit, in partnership with a local construction company. Technip Velam was responsible for the execution of engineering and procurement services as well as construction management.

Three Tanks Project - Petroanzoátegui – Jose Complex, Anzoátegui State - 2014

Development of Basic and Detail Engineering to construct 3 new tanks to storage diluted crude, light- heavy synthetic crude oil and naphtha diluent. This project's main objectives are increase Upgrader operational flexibility, allowing the preventive and corrective maintenance of storage tanks currently in operation, as well as, expand the storage capacity of the Upgrader.

  1. El Palito Refinery
    • Selective Hydrogenation of Olefins - El Palito Refinery – Carabobo State - 2012
    • The project consisted of the basic engineering to modify the Production of Oxygenates for El Palito Refinery, in order to adapt to the new requirements of partial or total removal of MTBE / TAME in the formulation of gasoline for the Venezuelan market.
  2. Sincor Heavy Crude Upgrader
    • New Amine Recovery Unit ARU 3000 - SINCOR, Petrocedeño Upgrader – Jose Complex - Anzoátegui State - 2006 – 2007
    • Development of Detail Engineering and Procurement Services and Construction Management for the new Amine Recovery Unit ARU-3000 for the Petrocedeno Upgrader (former SINCOR).

Sincor Upgrader - Petrocedeño (Total / Statoil / PDVSA) Anzoátegui State – 2000

Technip, as part of Contrina Consortium, participated in the development of the detail engineering, procurement and construction of the Sincor Upgrader with a total capacity to process 200 MBPD of extra heavy crude oil.

VEHOP-Petrozuata Upgrader (J / V Conoco and PDVSA), Jose Complex – Anzoátegui State - 1997-2000

EPC Lump Sum Project for Petrozuata Upgrader. As part of the Contrina Consortium, Technip Velam was involved in developing the EPC contract.


Ethane Recovery - San Joaquín, Anzoátegui State - PDVSA GAS - 2008

Development of the Conceptual Engineering for Ethane Recovery from the Natural Gas in San Joaquin Complex. The Ethane recovered would be fed the new Olefins Plant to be installed in the Jose Complex. The scope of the project contemplated the Natural Gas Sweetening, the evaluation and selection of the extraction technology for the recovery, ethane transportation from the San Joaquin Complex to Jose Complex and handling and conditioning of CO2.


Navay Petrochemical Complex Master Plan (CPN) - Táchira State - PEQUIVEN - 2009

Development of the Master Plan and Management Support for Navay Petrochemical Complex, which aims to: the exploitation of Navay deposits of phosphate rock to produce 990 MTMA of benefit rock, which will serve as prime material for the production of Super Phosphate Simple (SSP) and Tri-Calcium Phosphate (TCP) within the Navay Petrochemical Complex. Additionally, a large portion of this rock will serve as input to benefit Puerto Nutria petrochemical complex for the production of phosphoric acid, monoammonium phosphate (MAP) and diammonium phosphate (DAP).


Junin Operating Centre - Petrolera Indo Venezolana, S.A. - 2013

Detail Engineering for the Junin Operational Center construction, located in Zamurito I, Zuata North Field. The project concerns the implementation of a building for office uses and related areas of support that is intended to cover and centralize space needs required for the operation of the Petrolera Indo Venezolana, S.A.

New Building PSI - Petroanzoategui - 2013

The project consisted of the development of the detailed engineering for the construction of the new PSI Building within the facilities of the Petrocedeño Upgrader. The scope of the project included earth movement, Drainage System, parking space, Evaluating of existing facilities such as wastewater treatment, clear water, and Fire Fighting System.

Building Personal Training Center Deep Conversion Refinery Puerto La Cruz - CONVERPRO - 2012

The project consisted of the development of the basic engineering for a building for the training of technical staff (craftman) for Deep Conversion Refinery Project in Puerto La Cruz and the remodelation of ICAM building.

The Project was divided into two areas: 1 - Remodeling ICAM building located on 23rd Street Gulf of Urbanization in Puerto La Cruz. Anzoátegui State. 2 - Basic Engineering Construction Headquarters Building located on lot 2A Jose Industrial Condominium, located across the road Barcelona - Industrial Complex "General Jose Antonio Anzoátegui", Anzoátegui State.

Fuel Storage and Distribution Saint Vincent - PDV CARIBE - PDVSA - 2008

Was developed the detail Engineering Plant Fuel Distribution Saint Vincent located in Lowman’s Bay, southeast of the capital Kingstown, Republic of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Fuels are: Diesel, Jet A-1, 91-octane gasoline, 95 octane gasoline and LPG.

TAEJ North Island Project - PDVSA – Anzoátegui State - 2000

Optimization Study to allow vessels berthing over 250.000 TPM and vessels in the range between 70,000 and 80,000 TPM.


Bayano Plant – Nicaragua – CEMEX - 2004 - 2005

Detailed engineering for the Compressed Air System for bag houses.

Sangaredi Project - Technip, Global Alumina -2006

Development of Front End Engineering Design and Detailed Engineering for Alumina Refining Plant with capacity of 4.2 million TPY, to be built in Equatorial Guinea - South Africa. This Project was developed with Technip in France.


Mariscal Sucre Dragón & Patao – Offshore Sucre State – PDVSA - 2009

Design the facilities to develop Mariscal Sucre gas fields located 40 Km offshore to produce and export 700MMSCFD of gas to Güiria.

FEED Subsea Flowline and Offshore Platform at 150m water depth.

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