Sleipner Gas And Condensate Field

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Summary Information

  • Operator: Statoil
  • Country: Norway
  • Location: North Sea
  • Production start: 1993
  • Partners: Lotos
  • Type: Gas And Condensate
  • Estimated Reserves:
  • Production Volume:


  • The Sleipner area embraces the Sleipner East and Sleipner West gas and condensate fields
  • Sleipner East has been developed with the Sleipner A drilling and production platform, which is linked by bridge to a gas treatment platform and a flare stack.
  • The Sleipner West development embraces the B wellhead platform on the field, and the T gas treatment installation, which stands on Sleipner East and is linked by a bridge to Sleipner A
  • Sleipner has strengthened its position as the second largest gas field in the North Sea next to the Troll Oil and Gas Field
  • Sleipner stands out as a modern and robust gas hub thanks to frequent upgradings, tie-ins of other fields such as Sigyn and Volve and the connection to the Troll and Ormen Lange fields.
  • The Utgard Gas Field is to be tied back to the Sleipner Platform
  • Gas is transported to the UK via the Langeled Gas Pipeline


  • ABB: Engineering work, procurement, construction and installation of a new deck structure on the Sleipner A Platform
  • Kvaerner:
    • Sleipner A - Riser Platform Jacket and Piles & Flare and Bridge
    • Sleipner A - Riser Platform Topside & Module D22
    • Sleipner Vest SLB, Jacket and Piles
  • Aibel: Platform B Compression Project
  • Emtunga:
    • Sleipner ´B´ - Emergency shelter
    • Sleipner Vest - Office / Coffee Bar Module
    • Fire pump modules
  • Heerema Marine Contractors: Sleipner A Installation
  • Saipem:
    • Sleipner A - Flare Tower & Vest SLT & SLB Installation
    • Sleipner Vest SLT Gas Treatment Platform T&I
  • Seaway Heavy Lifting: T & I of Two templates for Sleipner Loke project


  • 1993 - Sleipner East came on stream
  • 1996 - Sleipner West came on stream
  • 2002 - Sigyn field tie in completed
  • 2010 - Fabricom awarded a frame contract for maintenance and modifications


  • The Sleipner Øst and Loke reservoirs are mainly in sandstones of the Ty Formation of Paleocene age and the Hugin Formation of Middle Jurassic age. In addition, gas has been proven in the Heimdal Formation, overlying the Ty Formation. The reservoir depth is approximately 2 300 metres.
  • Sleipner Vest produces from the Middle Jurassic Sleipner and Hugin Formations. The reservoir depth is approximately 3 450 metres. Most of the reserves are found in the Hugin Formation. The faults in the field are generally not sealed, and communication between the sand deposits is good.


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