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Summary Information

  • Source: Freeport, Texas
  • Destination: Cushing
  • Ownership: Enterprise Partners / Enbridge
  • Website:
  • Length: 805 kilometres (500 miles)
  • Capacity: 400,000 barrels of oil per day
  • Crude Type: Various Crudes

The Route

  • The 670-mile (1,078-kilometer) Seaway Crude Pipeline System (SCPS) includes the 500-mile (805-kilometer), 30-inch diameter Freeport, Texas to Cushing, Oklahoma long-haul system, as well as the Texas City Terminal and Distribution System which serves refineries in the Houston and Texas City areas.
  • SCPS also includes 6.8 million barrels of crude oil tankage on the Texas Gulf Coast and four import docks at two locations.

Pipeline Status

  • Currently the capacity of the pipeline is being increased
  • An 85-mile lateral is being constructed between the Enterprise Crude Houston (ECHO) terminal and Port Arthur, Texas to enable crude from Seaway an alternative destination


  • 1996 - Seaway converted from natural gas to crude oil transportation
  • 1998 - Refined products pipeline enters service
  • 1999 - ARCO and Phillips announced capacity expansion project to 350,000 bpd
  • 1999 - Seaway Pipeline Announces Connection to Exxon's Hoover/Diana Pipeline
  • 2011 - Enbridge acquired 50% of the pipeline from ConocoPhillips
  • 2011 - Enbridge and Enterprise Agree to Reverse flow on the Seaway Crude Oil Pipeline From Cushing to U.S. Gulf Coast
  • 2012 - Open season launced for the reversal project
  • 2012 - Open season launched for ECHO - Port Arthur extension
  • 2012 - Reversal completed
  • 2013 - Seaway Pipeline Expansion Completed, capacity rises to 400,000 bpd

Other Information

  • Enbridge & enterprise partners reversed the direction of crude oil flows on the Seaway Pipeline to enable it to transport oil from Cushing, Oklahoma to the U.S. Gulf Coast.
  • The project was completed in Q2 2012
  • Following pump station additions and modifications, anticipated to be completed by early 2013, the capacity of the reversed Seaway Pipeline will be up to 400,000 barrels per day
  • A twinning project will more than double its capacity to 850,000 (“BPD”) by mid-2014


  1. Seaway Pipeline will Increase Capacity
  2. Enbridge and Enterprise Agree to Reverse Seaway Crude Oil Pipeline From Cushing to U.S. Gulf Coast
  3. Enbridge to Acquire ConocoPhillips's Interest in Seaway Crude Pipeline System for US$1.15 billion
  4. Enterprise and Enbridge to Conduct Open Seasons for Seaway Pipeline Expansion and New Crude Oil Pipeline to Port Arthur/Beaumont
  5. Enterprise and Enbridge Begin Open Seasons for Seaway Expansion and New Crude Oil Pipeline to Port Arthur/Beaumont Refining Mark
  6. Enterprise and Enbridge to Conduct Supplemental Open Season for Capacity on Crude Oil Pipeline from ECHO Terminal to Port Arthur
  7. Enterprise and Enbridge to Proceed With 450,000 Barrel Per Day Expansion of Seaway Crude Oil Pipeline
  8. Enterprise and Enbridge Announce Completion of Seaway Pipeline Reversal
  9. Seaway Pipeline Announces Connection to Exxon's Hoover/Diana Pipeline
  10. Seaway Pipeline Approves First Phase of Expansion of Gulf Coast to Cushing Crude Pipeline System
  11. Seaway Pipeline Conversion Underway; ARCO, Phillips Contribute Assets
  12. 30-inch Seaway Pipeline Becomes Operational
  13. Seaway Refined Products Pipeline System Up and Running Between Gulf Coast and Mid-Continent
  14. Enterprise Begins Service at ECHO Crude Oil Terminal
  15. Seaway Pipeline Expansion Nearing Completion
  16. Seaway Pipeline Expansion Completed

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