San Lorenzo Refinery

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Summary Information

Refining Units

  • Atmospheric distillation: 48.000 bpd
  • Vacuum distillation: 15.700 bpd
  • Thermal cracking: 9.400 bpd
  • Catalytic reform: 12.600 bpd

Terminal Capacity

  • Crude Oil:
  • Refined Products:

Crude Supply

  • Local Argentine Crude, produced by Petrobras

Products Produced

  • naphtha, diesel, kerosene, JP1, fuel oil, products for asphalt, paraffinic and aromatic solvents, toluene, benzene, and LNG.

Ongoing Projects

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Other Information

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  • It entered operation in 1938
  • Refisan was established to take over the ownership and operation of the former YPF owned refinery in San Lorenzo, when it was privatized in early 1993.
  • The refinery was expanded from 32,000 bbl/day to 42,000 bbl/day in 1997.

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