Rabaska LNG Terminal
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Summary Information

  • Ownership: Rabaska LNG (Gaz Métro, Enbridge, and GDF SUEZ)
  • Website: http://www.rabaska.net/
  • Location: Lévis, Quebec, Canada
  • Capacity: 3.6 million tons/annum
  • Status: Planned

Brief Description

  • The proposed LNG terminal, which would be capable of delivering 14.2 million cubic metres per day of vaporized gas, would be constructed in Ville Guay/Beaumont, Quebec.
  • LNG taken from various places in the Atlantic basin would be delivered to the proposed terminal by means of about 60 LNG tankers per year.
  • The proposed jetty would be able to accommodate LNG tankers ranging between 138 000 to 160 000 cubic metres in capacity.
  • A pipeline of approximately 50 kilometres from the proposed terminal would have to be constructed to connect to the facilities of TQM in Saint Nicolas, Quebec.

Technical Details

  • Storage capacity:
  • Unloading capacity:
  • Send out capacity: 500 million cubic feet per day
  • Constructor:
    • Tractebel: Contracting Strategy, FEED review and cost optimization


  • 2008 - Gazprom signed a contract for 100 percent of the import terminal’s capacity

Ongoing Projects/Project Status

  • The construction has not yet started.
  • Completion is planned for 2014

Suppliers / Customers

  • Suppliers: Gazprom planned to supply the LNG from the Shtokman Lng Terminal
  • Customers: Gazprom has signed a contract for 100 percent of the import terminal’s capacity

Other Information

  • Gazprom was considering entering the project. However with Gazprom's LNG projects on hold, this is very unlikely

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