Porto Refinery
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Summary Information

  • Ownership: Galp
  • Website: http://www.galpenergia.com/
  • Location: Porto, Northwest coast of Portugal
  • Capacity: 5.5 million tons/annum & 110,000 bbl/day
  • Nelson Complexity: 10.7
  • Refining Depth:

Brief Description

  • A small hydroskimming refinery

Refining Units

Terminal Capacity

  • Crude Oil: 680,000 m3
  • Refined Products: 1,200,000 m3

Crude Supply

  • -

Products Produced

  • LPG, Gasoline, Diesel, Fuel Oil

Ongoing Projects

  • For Details see Porto Refinery Upgrade Project
  • The refinery is being expanded and upgraded
  • The conversion project will add a grassroot vacuum flash and distillation unit, a visbreaker, a diesel hydrodesulphurization units and associated utilities and infrastructure to the Galp's Porto Refinery and is part of an investment program that will allow Galp to increase the diesel production by 50,000 barrels per day and the utilization rate of the existing refineries, allowing Galp to process heavier crudes and meet the latest environmental regulations
  • The refinery is also replacing older oil-fired technology with gas turbines

Other Information

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  • 1966 - The construction of the Porto refinery began
  • 1969 - The refinery came on stream
  • 1999 - Platformate project started
  • 2007 - Major upgrade launched
  • 2011 - Upgrade project completed

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