Oleoducto De Crudos Pesados Oil Pipeline

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Summary Information

  • Source: Oriente Region
  • Destination: Balao Oil Terminal
  • Ownership: Petroecuador
  • Website: http://www.eppetroecuador.ec/
  • Length: 475 kilometres ( miles)
  • Capacity: 450,000 barrels of oil per day
  • Crude Type: Heavy Crude Oil

Brief Description

  • The 300 mile, 450,000 bbl/d OCP mostly parallels the route of the Sote Oil Pipeline
  • It carries oil from the Amazon region fields, to the Balao oil terminal on the Pacific coast

Pipeline Status

  • In operation


  • 2003 - The OCP comes into operation
  • 2005 - EnCana sold its stake to Andes Petroleum Company
  • 2012 - EP Petrocuador And OCP Ecuador Signed Cooperation Agreements to transport Colombian crude oil

Other Information

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  1. EnCana to sell its oil and pipeline business in Ecuador to Andes Petroleum Company for US$1.42 billion
  2. EP Petrocuador And OCP Ecuador Signed Cooperation Agreements

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