Oil And Gas Infratructure And Storage

European Oil & Gas Infrastructure Companies

North American Oil & Gas Infrastructure Companies

  • Foothills Energy Ventures, LLC is a Denver-based firm engaged in the development, acquisition, and operation of midstream energy assets. They focus on infrastructure development of energy resources.
  • * Genesis Energy is focused on the midstream segment of the oil and gas industry in the Gulf Coast region of the United States, primarily Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. The company has a diverse portfolio of customers, operations and assets, including refinery-related plants, pipelines, storage tanks and terminals, and trucks and truck terminals.
  • Monroe Gas Storage Company, LLC has commenced service to a new natural gas storage facility in northeastern Mississippi near the city of Amory. The facility provides firm and interruptible natural gas storage services and interconnects with two major pipelines (Texas Eastern Transmission Company — TETCO and Tennessee Gas Pipeline —TGP).
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