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Prelude Floating LNG Terminal


Probably the most exciting project in the world of Oil & Gas. The platform will be the largest ship ever built

  1. Nansen Oil And Gas Field
  2. Constitution Oil And Gas Field
  3. Boomvang Oil And Gas Field
  4. Gunnison Oil And Gas Field
    • USA - Gulf of Mexico
    • Anadarko (formerly Kerr-McGee)
      • Topsides detailed design, procurement, construction management and startup assistance for these floating production facilities in the Gulf of Mexico.
      • Nansen, Boomvang and Gunnison were the world's first Truss Spar installations. Using 3D design software fully "digestible" by construction, Mustang was able to support the fast track schedule.
      • The "Quartet of Spars" for Kerr-McGee, was selected as a finalist for the industry's 2004 Offshore Energy Achievement Awards.
  5. Mirage Oil And Gas Field - GOM
    • USA
    • ATP
      • ATP appointed Mustang to provide detailed engineering and procurement support for the topsides production facilities on ATP’s first new-build deepwater facility, known as Mirage. Mirage is being designed as a light-weight, cost-effective, deepwater facility supporting full drilling aboard the floating offshore installation. It will be located in 4,000 feet of water and its topsides will be the lightest topsides ever built on a floating structure with full drilling capacity.
  6. Atlantis Oil Field - GOM
    • USA
    • BP
      • Mustang was responsible for concept engineering, FEED, detailed engineering design, procurement, construction management, commissioning assistance and project management. Located in 7000-feet of water, the facility has a dry topsides weight of 13,500 s. tons. Four modules consisting of 2 process, 1 power and 1 compression. The compressor is approximately 28,000 HP and is a LM2500 type. Flow Rates: 150 MBOPD, 180 MMSCFD gas, 75 MBPD water.
  7. Clair Oil Field - North Sea
    • UK
    • BP
      • Front end engineering, detail design and project management through start-up for the Clair Field development on the UK continental shelf, a fixed platform in 500' of water with an outfitted operating deck weight of 10,000 tons.
      • Flow rates are 60,000 BPD oil, 100,000 BPD water and 40 MMSCFD gas lift compression. This is the first North Sea Platform to incorporate GOM, fit-for-purpose design, and is the North Seas’s largest current new field development.
      • First oil was achieved on February 23, 2005. BP Clair was selected as a finalist for the industry's 2005 Offshore Energy Achievement Awards.
  8. Holstein Oil Field - GOM
    • USA
    • BP
      • The Mustang scope of work included the evaluation and selection of development scenarios followed by the execution of the Topsides Engineering for the chosen configuration. Mustang also provided project management support and procurement services to BP for the duration of the project up to, and including, commissioning.
      • In addition to full topsides design responsibility for the projects Mustang also managed project interfaces with other contractors on behalf of BP.
      • First oil achieved December 2004. Holstein was the first project to use spar-supported individually tensioned risers — a new technology that will allow spar structures to venture into deeper waters.
  9. Mad Dog Oil Field - GOM
    • USA
    • BP
      • Mustang was responsible for the topsides design, including detailed design and fabrication support. The floating facility hull, moorings, and marine systems will be classed as a Floating Offshore Installation (FOI) truss spar arrangement.
      • Mustang also provided project controls support and interface coordination of hull, riser, and drill rig systems. In addition to full topsides design responsibility for the projects Mustang also managed project interfaces with other contractors on behalf of BP.
  10. Thunder Horse Oil Field - Gulf of Mexico
    • USA
    • BP
      • Mustang was designated for the topsides engineering design and program management assistance. The major part of the Mustang scope covered the oil and gas production facilities and included concept selection, FEED, detailed engineering, procurement and fabrication assistance.
      • In addition to full topsides design responsibility for the projects Mustang also managed project interfaces with other contractors on behalf of BP. Mustang also provided project management support and procurement services to BP for the duration of the project up to, and including, offshore commissioning.
      • The topsides area of Thunder Horse is the size of about three football fields, and is packed with equipment and systems to treat and export 250,000 b/d of oil plus associated gas.
  11. Valhall Oil Field - North Sea
    • USA
    • BP
      • Mustang, in conjunction with Wood Group Engineering, is performing engineering for Valhall, a major North Sea redevelopment project.
      • Mustang has the responsibility for all engineering on the project, including both greenfield and brownfield aspects.
      • The scope includes topsides facilities and pipeline tie-ins to a new fixed platform in 73 meters of water.
  12. Agbami Oil Field
    • Nigeria
    • Chevron
      • Agbami- Phase III
      • Mustang supported Chevron with concept development, FEED - Phase III, EPC Contract and Support, which culminated in a package for the vessel’s construction.
      • Agbami is located in 4,600 feet of water offshore Nigeria. This development has one of the largest flow rates in the world for its type.
      • Operating FPSO topsides weight is 38,000 s. tons.
      • The flowrate one of the largest for this type development in the world, 140,000 HP of compression for gas handling and re-injection.
  13. Benguela Belize Lobito And Tomboco BBLT Oil Fields
    • Angola
    • Chevron
    • Benguela-Belize Compliant Piled Tower
      • Conceptual and costing studies, front-end engineering, detail design for a compliant tower in 1,300 feet of water. Mustang was the winner of a five company design competition for the FEED work that included entries representing various deepwater concepts.
      • The tower was the first compliant tower structure to be installed outside of the Gulf of Mexico. The Benguela-Belize tower supports more than 40,000 short tons of topsides and 40 well slots.
      • Mustang was awarded the design after performing front-end engineering design as well as pre-feed services. The bottom-founded structure, chosen over a floating facility, is a cost-effective design in deepwater environments.
      • The tower was installed in April 2005, with topsides installation May 2005. Benguela-Belize was selected as the Project of the Year for the industry's 2005 Offshore Energy Achievement Awards.
  14. Blind Faith Oil and Gas Field - GOM
    • USA
    • Chevron
      • Mustang conducted conceptual, Pre-FEED and FEED studies, and provided detailed design and procurement services in addition to commissioning support for topsides production facilities of deepwater semi-submersible floating facility in 6520 feet (1987 m) of water in Mississippi Canyon 650.
      • Blind Faith has a total displacement of over 40,000 tons, and the facility has an overall height equivalent to a 29-story building.
  15. Tahiti Oil And Gas Field - GOM
    • USA
    • Chevron
      • Mustang provided front end engineering design (FEED), detail design, procurement and project management services for Chevron's Tahiti topsides oil and gas processing facilities.
      • Tahiti is designed to have a daily production capacity of 125,000 barrels of crude oil and 70 million cubic feet of natural gas.
      • Production facility installed in the Tahiti Field which achieved first production in 2009.
  16. Tombua Landana Oil Field
    • Angola
    • Chevron
      • Tombua Landana is the second compliant piled tower to be constructed outside the Gulf of Mexico.
      • Mustang provided concept engineering, FEED, detailed engineering design and project management services for this fixed structure, which consists of a four-leg configuration secured to the seafloor foundation piles.
      • It is designed to support 21 fixed and flexible risers and 36,000 st payload.
  17. Diana Hoover Oil And Gas Field - GOM
    • USA
    • ExxonMobil
      • Diana Field Development - Mustang fostered the development of engineering tools and standards for a production facility on this offshore platform, which set the world record for production in 5,000 feet of water.
      • The facility includes 25,000 HP of compression from 5 Solar Centaurs and a 1,000 HP Vapor Recovery Unit. Flow Rates 100,000 BOPD, 325 MMSCFD gas, 60,000 BPD water.
      • First oil was achieved ahead of schedule. Mustang received awards from Exxon for safe performance and execution. “A nationally significant project.” (MMS); “Best inspection ever of an offshore facility” (USCG).
      • Total Mustang scope included pre-FEED, FEED, detail design, procurement, and commissioning support for this facility with a 20,000 Deck Topsides Weight in addition to field support for the full facilities and quarters.
  18. ExxonMobil East Area Gas, Offshore Nigeria
    • The natural gas liquids extraction facilities are offshore Nigeria in about 87 ft. (27 meters) of water. The project entailed the construction of two trains of cryogenic gas liquids separation facilities, operating in conjunction with existing facilities in East Area joint-venture fields, to recover produced associated gas, extract NGLs, and re-inject lean gas. The Mustang scope included detail engineering and design of the NGL Extraction Platform Topsides and Jacket, Riser Platform, Topsides (deck structure and all facilities), Flare Platform and the three bridges.
  19. Gasol Near Shore LNG Production System (NSPS™)
    • Gasol has developed the Near Shore LNG Production System (NSPS™) concept, based on using floating modules on barges that are berthed and moored to a fixed and protected jetty. It is designed to be used in benign waters (as found off the west coast of Africa), in close proximity to shore to produce LNG, LPG, condensates and power. Mustang has completed a detailed feasibility study to review, evaluate, and optimize the Gasol design. Gasol chose to use Wood Group's proprietary nitrogen dual expander liquefaction process (NDX-1) for the project. NDX-1 is simple, compact, energy efficient and flexible over a wide range of feed compositions. Mustang's extensive offshore topsides process design expertise, coupled with Wood Group's simple and efficient NDX-1 liquefaction process will strengthen Gasol's ability to grow its position in the floating LNG business sector.
  20. Ichthys LNG Terminal
    • Inpex Icthys Plan C, Browse Basin, Australia
    • Mustang developed a wax management strategy for this field and a Pre-FEED Study on the feasibility of exporting the gas from the field to an onshore LNG Plant via a 900 km subsea pipeline.
  21. Peregrino Heavy Oil Field
    • Kiewit Offshore Services Peregrino Field Development, Offshore Brazil
    • Mustang is providing engineering and procurement services to Kiewit Offshore Services for the Peregrino field development in the Southern Campos Basin, Block BM-C-007, offshore Brazil.
    • Mustang is currently performing detail design for two wellhead and drilling platforms that will interface with a floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel, which is designed for processing 100,000 BPD oil with a storage capacity of 1.6 million barrels of oil.
  22. Crux Floating Lng Terminal
    • Nexus Crux FPSO, Timor Sea, Australia
    • In April 2006, Mustang Engineering was awarded the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) for the Crux FPSO by Nexus Energy. Mustang led an integrated team of specialist companies (JP Kenny, Ionik Consulting & AMOG), which have a proven track record in the oil and gas industry to successfully deliver this comprehensive project study.
  23. Teekay Corporation
    • Mustang was chosen to design the topsides of a floating LNG/LPG liquefaction new-build vessel for Teekay Corporation. The liquefaction technology selected for this project is Mustang’s LNG Smart® Nitrogen Dual Expander (NDX-1) liquefaction process. NDX-1 is a process that is simple, compact, energy-efficient, and flexible over a wide range of feed compositions. NDX-1 offers a thermal efficiency of 91-93%. The use of nitrogen as the refrigeration fluid makes this process inherently safer and facilitates the design of a modular layout.
    • Samsung Heavy Industries of Korea will design and construct the hull for the floating LNG vessel. Initial design concepts call for the unit to have a combined storage capacity for LNG and LPG in excess of 200,000 m3. The design will also incorporate IHI’s self-supporting, prismatic-shaped, SPB tanks.
    • ABS awarded concept approval to Teekay for the basic design concept of a floating LNG vessel.
  24. Various Brownfield and Shelf Projects, Gulf of Mexico
    • Subsea tiebacks, process optimization, debottlenecking, compressor additions, flow rate and capacity expansion, regulatory compliance, level I structural surveys, water injection additions, small footprint modules and control system upgrades for various projects. Project experience includes tiebacks or modifications for: Anadarko (formerly Kerr-McGee), ExxonMobil Hoover/Diana, Typhoon, Pompano, Neptune, Amberjack, Marlin, Virgo, Morpeth, Allegheny, Genesis.
  25. Browse LNG Terminal
    • Woodside Browse Verification Project, Western Australia
    • WEL are in the Select Phase of the Browse Development Project. Its aim is to install an offshore facility processing gas and waxy condensate prior to export to an onshore facility on the NW coast of Western Australia. The project has considered numerous alternatives for the offshore processing of approximately 1bcfd gas. WEL have produced Decision Logs which describe the pros and cons of five options and the reasons governing the selection made. These Decision Logs cover areas such as offshore selection; deep water vs. shallow water; offshore processing capability; separation, dehydration, compression, MEG Regeneration; Level of manning; Use of Dry Tree Units. WEL have requested that Mustang review the decision logs and the supporting data and verify whether we would agree with the decisions made.
  26. Woodside Natural Gas
    • Mustang’s role in the initial phase of this project was to provide preliminary engineering design and permit application support services for a floating regasification and storage tanker (FRST) to be located at a deep water port off the coast of California.
    • Mustang led a multi-contractor team that completed the preliminary front end engineering design, cost estimating and permit application support work for a FRST that would utilize the Mustang Smart® Air Vaporization Process technology.
  27. Woodside Sunrise, Timor Sea, Australia
    • Mustang is providing a conceptual study for offshore facilities options for the Greater Sunrise Gas Development in the Timor Sea north of Australia. The development includes the Sunrise and Troubadour fields, located about 450 km north of Darwin and 150 km south of Timor-Leste.

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