Mnazi Bay Gas Field

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Summary Information

  • Operator: Maurel et Prom
  • Country: Tanzania
  • Location: coastal, south-eastern Tanzania in the Ruvuma Basin
  • Production start:
  • Partners: Wentworth Resources
  • Type: Gas
  • Estimated Reserves:
  • Production Volume: 1.7-2.0mmscf/d


  • A single production well is currently producing gas at a rate of 1.7-2.0mmscf/d and this gas is transported via an 8", 27 kilometre pipeline to the Mtwara Power Plant
  • With the completion of the Mnazi Bay To Dar Es Salaam Gas Pipeline, more wells are to be brought onstream


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  • 1982 - Mnazi Bay Gas Field discovered
  • 2006 - Second appraisal well completed


  • Tertiary aged gas field


  1. Mnazi Bay #2 Appraisal Well - Spudded
  2. Mnazi Bay to Dar es Salaam Gas Pipeline Project Update & Mnazi Bay Partners to Award Offshore 3D Seismic Contract
  3. Inauguration of the Mnazi Bay to Dar es Salaam Gas Pipeline Project

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