Minas Oil Field

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Summary Information

  • Operator: Chevron
  • Country: Indonesia
  • Location:
  • Production start:
  • Partners:
  • Type: Minas Crude Oil
  • Estimated Reserves:
  • Production Volume:


  • One of Indonesia's oldest and largest oil fields
  • Chevron currently uses steam flood injection to retrieve oil from Minas field.


  • 1944 - A well near the village of Minas became the largest oil field ever discovered in Southeast Asia
  • 1952 - Production began after Indonesia won independence
  • 2008 - BPMigas announced that Chevron will start a try out in surfactant injection in Minas field
  • 2009 - Technip awarded detail engineering, project management, procurement assistance and construction management for the surfactant injection project



  1. Chevron, Indonesia
  2. Chevron To Start Surfactant Injection Try Out
  3. Technip awarded contract for an oil recovery trial project in Indonesia

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