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Full Corporate Offer

We are Authorized to sell the Light Crude Oil of Middle-East. The accompaniments are according to the following:

Quantity Total of 60,000,000 Bls, which would be deliver at a rate of 5,000,000 Bls/Month Buyer will specify the Monthly Quantities
First Batch 2,000,000 Bls for the First Trial
Origin U.A.E, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, or Saudi Arabia, Seller will let the Buyer know in each shipment
Documents U.A.E, Iraq, Oman, Saudi Arabia, or Kuwait, Seller will let the Buyer know in each shipment, with the full Bank responsibilities
Price Dubai PLATTS -$5.00 Net for the First Trial Spot (2,000,000 Bls), for the remaining of the contract (58,000,000 Bls) Dubai PLATTS -$7.00 Net
Payment BG for each shipment, MT 103.
Delivery International Water from Ship to Ship Seller determines location for loading, Seller will provide PPOP and Q&Q report for the first trial spot included with CI. If Buyer does not proceed for any reason then Buyer will be charged penalty fees for $30,000.00 USD (Thirty Thousand Dollars) paid to seller as damage for issuing PPOP documents. All Logistic Cost Including SGS paid by the Buyer

The exchange of the documents between the parties is through the seller's Bank and the Buyer's Bank.
The Buyer provides the Seller with (Q88) private tanker or ship.
Buyer provides financial effient. From the Bank to Our company.
Buyer undertakes to provide the necessary documents after signing the contract.

Contact me at moc.liamG|83newOkcaJ#moc.liamG|83newOkcaJ

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