Louisiana Intrastate Gas Pipeline LIG

Summary Information

  • Source:
  • Destination:
  • Ownership: Enlink
  • Website: http://www.enlink.com/
  • Length: kilometres (3,400 miles)
  • Capacity: per day
  • Status: Operating


  • The LIG gathering and transmissions pipeline system is one of the largest intrastate pipelines systems in Louisiana, consisting of about 3,400 miles of mainly transmission pipelines extending from the Haynesville Shale to onshore production in south-central and southeast Louisiana.


  • 1998 - AEP acquired the LIG
  • 2004 - Crosstex acquired the pipeline from AEP

Other Information

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  1. AEP sells Louisiana Intrastate Gas Pipeline assets as part of plan to divest non-core holdings

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