Lazaro Cardenas Lng Terminal
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Summary Information

  • Ownership: Repsol
  • Website:
  • Location: Puerto Lázaro Cárdenas
  • Capacity: million tons/annum
  • Status: Planned

Technical Details

  • Storage capacity: 3 full containment storage tanks (480 000 m3LNG capacity)
  • Unloading capacity:
  • Send out capacity: 0.675 bcf/d
  • Constructor:
  • Licensor:


  • 2004 - Mexican authorities awarded Repsol YPF a license for building a regassification plant in the Lázaro Cárdenas harbour on the Pacific coast of Mexico.

Ongoing Projects/Project Status

  • -

Suppliers / Customers

Other Information

  • The final decision on the project has still not been taken

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