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Prelude Floating LNG Terminal


Probably the most exciting project in the world of Oil & Gas. The platform will be the largest ship ever built

Conceptual and FEED

  1. Tengiz Oil Field
    • Kazakhstan
    • KW1727 KPJV / Fluor
    • 2013
    • Conceptual design of eight onshore Sour Gas Injection Pipelines by KPJV (Kazakh Project JV). The proposed development is in a congested area of existing pipelines in the Tengiz field in Western Kazakhstan. The lines are High Pressure/High Temperature (HPHT), thick walled (600bar and 110°C) and in a corrosive soil environment. The fatigue design of these pipelines is one of the many challenges on the project which will be carried out on a fast track basis.
  2. Rose Bank Oil And Gas Field
    • United Kingdom
    • KW1601
    • Chevron Upstream Europe (CUE)
    • 2012
    • Chevron Upstream Europe (CUE) were undertaking a concept design to develop the Rosebank Development located approximately 175km west of the Shetland Islands, in a water depth of about 1100m. Gas production, less fuel gas, is to be exported to market via the new Shetland Islands Regional Gas Export (SIRGE) pipeline. Four potential routes for gas export route from the FPSO to SIRGE were under consideration. The objective of the KW Ltd role was to provide engineering support to Chevron, including a review of the wall thickness requirement for the Gas Export pipeline for the proposed options.
  3. Tweneboa Enyenra And Ntomme Ten Oil And Fields
    • Ghana
    • KW1398
    • Tullow Oil
    • 2012
    • Initial scope included working as part of Tullow Oil’s in-house team providing concept and pre-FEED engineering of the pipelines and flowline scope of the subsea development; undertaking specialist studies including geohazards and SCR concept. Following on, KW was retained as the subsea management team to oversee the Subsea FEED contractor. The subsea/ FPSO development is located in offshore Ghana in approximately 1500m of water, encompassing three drill centres with manifolds, production and injection flowlines, umbilicals and riser systems.
  4. Tsimin to Enlace Litoral
    • Mexico
    • KW1520
    • Pemex
    • 2012 Conceptual design for 36" x 19.5km pipeline. Defining the preliminary pipeline route and approaches; investigating design criteria to account for the presence of hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide.
  5. Gazelle Oil Field
    • Cote d’Ivoire
    • KW1633
    • Rialto Energy Ltd
    • 2012
    • FEED for the offshore and onshore 50km long 16" gas and 10" liquid export pipelines, as part of an integrated team for the project development. Included determining alternative landfalls and pipe routes, offshore bathymetry and soil survey routes selection, pipeline mechanical design, pipeline philosophy development, procurement support with linepipe requisition, pipeline onshore and offshore routing.
  6. Breagh A Gas Field
    • United Kingdom
    • KW1586
    • RWE Dea UK
    • 2012
    • Breagh ‘B’ Field Development North Sea
      • FEED of a 5km long 20" wet gas and 3" MEG/CI circulation pipeline between the existing Breagh A and the proposed Breagh B platforms.
      • Work included pipeline and tie-in spool design, review and development of project specification, management of subcontracted flow assurance and sphering studies, input to contracting philosophy.
  7. Orlando Oil Field
    • United Kingdom - North Sea
    • KW1459
    • MPX North Sea Ltd
    • 2012
    • Conceptual design and FEED for subsea tie back development comprising of a 6" or 8" production line from the Orlando Field in the North Sea to the Ninian Central platform. Preparation of specifications, scopes of work and tender packages for the materials purchase and the construction activities. Support in negotiations with tenderers and tender evaluations.
  8. Zirku Oil Processing Plant
    • U.A.E.
    • KW1538
    • National Petroleum Construction Company (NPCC)
    • 2011
    • Verification and endorsement of engineering documents, drawings, specifications and MTO’s for two 12" flexible pipelines located between the oily water treatment facilities at Zirku Island and the offshore disposal well platform ZWDP, with provision of an additional 12" line for future use. Identification of technical inconsistencies as well as cost benefit measures to be implemented during the EPC phase of the project.
  9. Golden Eagle Oil Field
    • United Kingdom - North Sea
    • KW1571
    • Nexen Petroleum UK Ltd
    • 2011
    • Review of the FEED for a 4.5km production, gas lift and water injection, 17km gas export and 70km oil export pipelines.
    • Additionally the review included associated tie-in spoolpieces and subsea structures including infield SSIV’s, export SSIV’s, gas export PLEM and production manifold.
  10. Krabbe Development
    • Norwegian Sector
    • KW1360 Ludin Petroleum 2011 Conceptual study to assess tie-back of the Krabbe Field to the Blane subsea system including a review of the existing Blane Field facilities to evaluate the implications of exposing it to the full Krabbe shut-in pressure; as well as an assessment of HIPPS requirements.
  11. Tern Oil Field
    • North Sea
    • KW1483
    • TAQA / Technip
    • 2011
    • Falcon Development - Conceptual design for 3.8km pipeline with 4" and 6" flexible flowlines and one control umbilical.
    • The scope also included material selection, route selection assessment, crossing design, soil insulation design, and detailed design of gas lift and production tie-in spools.
  12. Porto Tolle Carbon Capture System Project
    • Italy
    • KW1428 ENEL 2011 Provision of technical assistance, consulting services and FEED supervision associated with the CO2 compression, pipelines, and offshore CO2 injection platform. The project involves the replacement of 4 existing oil fired 660 MW units with advanced technology coal fired units and an associated post combustion carbon capture unit (CCU). The CO2, captured by the CCU, will be dehydrated, compressed and transported via an onshore and offshore pipeline system to be injected and geologically stored in a subsea reservoir in the Adriatic Sea.
  13. Froy Oil And Gas Field
    • Storklakken Development
    • Norwegian Sector
    • KW1445
    • Det Norske
    • 2011
    • Conceptual study for tie-back of single well to Froy, approximately 20km in length at a water depth of 107m.
  14. Crawford Oil Field
    • UK - North Sea
    • KW1383
    • Marathon Oil
    • Crawford Tie-in Project
    • 2010
    • Pre-FEED and FEED engineering of two caisson risers for the tie-back of the Crawford Field to the East Brae platform, a 12" production flowline, 4" gas lift flowline, production umbilical, MPP Power Cable and SSIV umbilical.
    • During the Pre-FEED study, potential combinations of risers and umbilical I-tubes were evaluated with a single technical solution being selected and further developed within the FEED scope.
  15. Cobra Field Development
    • UK - North Sea
    • KW1362
    • Encore
    • 2010
    • Conceptual study for an offshore development to review and design the feasibility of three different options for tieback to Babbage Platform, West Sole Platform and CMS Pipeline. All located in the Southern Gas Basin in the UK North Sea. The options include costing and scheduling for 8" x 20km long pipeline, skids at the tie-ins to the existing platforms and hot tap tee at the CMS pipeline tie-in.
  16. KJO Green Field Development
    • Middle East - Saudi Arabia/Kuwait
    • KW1378
    • Aramco Gulf Operation Company Ltd / Khafji Joint Operations (KJO)
    • 2010
    • Conceptual design of infield and export pipeline schemes for the transportation of severely sour and corrosive wellstream fluids over 100km in length. Studies comprised routeing, wall thickness, on-bottom stability, installation, internal corrosion and corrosion management, material selection (carbon steel with inhibition and carbon steel lined/clad with CRA material, landfall construction, management of flow assurance studies, cost estimates and onshore transportation without dehydration.
  17. Gateway Project
    • Irish Sea
    • KW1331
    • Stag Energy
    • 2010
    • Conceptual completed and FEED to start for an offshore salt cavern gas storage facility with a pipeline system linking the underground caverns to a landfall site in the Irish Sea close to Barrow. KW concept and FEED scope includes pipeline systems and subsea structures infrastructure; 36" trunklines from shore to offshore cavern locations, including ring main linking caverns, subsea structures, T’s and smaller diameter link lines.
  18. Conwy Oil Field
    • United Kingdom - Irish Sea
    • KW1480
    • EoG Resources
    • 2010
    • FEED study for an offshore development, 11km tie-back to the Douglas platform in the Irish sea. Preparation of specifications, scopes of work and tender packages for the materials purchased and the construction activities.
  19. Valhall Oil Field
    • Norway
    • KW1288
    • BP Norge
    • 2009
    • Hod Gas Lift Pipeline Replacement Study - Conceptual feasibility study for a 4" replacement gas lift pipeline system between Valhall Flanks and the Hod Platform, at a depth of 67m.
  20. Hild Gas And Condensate Field
    • Norway - North Sea
    • KW1210
    • Total Norge
    • 2009
    • Conceptual study to establish feasible pipeline design solutions for various development options to Alwyn, Oseberg and Heimdal. Determined procurement and construction requirements and prepared development schedules and cost estimates. Multiphase, partly processed and processed medium scenarios were included in the study.
  21. Ivar Aasen Oil And Gas Field
    • Norway - North Sea
    • KW1172
    • Det Norske
    • 2009
    • Conceptual study to establish feasible design solutions, to a discovery in the Norwegian Continental Shelf, aiming to design a standalone development with a tie-in to the Hanz Discovery.
    • The study also determined procurement and construction requirements, and prepared development schedules and cost estimates.
  22. Te Giac Trang Oil And Gas Field
    • Vietnam
    • KW1115
    • Hoang Long JOC
    • 2008
    • FEED study for an offshore development, TGT field, located in the Cuu Long Basin, Vietnam.
    • Establish feasible pipelines system design solutions for different development options, including 2 platforms, PIP multiphase system, flexible risers to the FPSO and a gas export line.
    • The project consisted of 10 lines of 60km overall length.
  23. Jasmine Gas And Condensate Field
    • United Kingdom - North Sea
    • KW1028
    • ConocoPhillips
    • 2008
    • The Jasmine Field (nominally HPHT) is a rich gas condensate field located approximately 9km west of the existing Judy platform in ConocoPhillips J-Block operating unit.
    • Key is experience of scour and fishing in the area and previous work on the Jade pipeline project.
    • KW provided CoP with some of the Pipeline Concept Engineering Services by considering different pipeline options (i.e. single insulated pipeline and pipe-in-pipe options) and insulation coatings.
    • Different pipeline configuration options were considered such as cooling spools with pipeline trenching and backfilling, shallow burial with intermediate spools and surface snake lay option. The vulnerability of different pipeline options to upheaval buckling and lateral buckling were all assessed.
  24. Shah Gas Field
    • U.A.E.
    • KW1110
    • Fluor
    • 2008
    • FEED design of an onshore Sulphur Transportation System, in the UAE. The system consists of a series of insulated PIP pipelines (adding up to a total of over 800km), in which molten sulphur is transported on the inner pipe.
    • In the annulus of the PIP system, superheated water is circulated to maintain the sulphur temperature within the range at which it can be transported in liquid format, (125° to 150°C). The design also includes single, insulated water return pipelines to circulate the superheated water.
    • Conceptual and FEED (cont.)
  25. Froy Oil And Gas Field
    • Froy Redevelopment
    • North Sea - Norwegian Sector
    • KW1078
    • Det Norske
    • 2008
    • Conceptual design for a redevelopment pipeline system including 14" production line, 10" test line, 12" water injection, 6" gas injection, 140/160mm umbilical and 12" gas export.
    • The project team established feasible design solutions for the system, determined procurement and construction requirements and prepared development cost estimates.
  26. Pierce Oil Field
    • United Kingdom - North Sea
    • KW1036
    • Shell
    • 2008
    • Conceptual design of one 7" x 3.5km pipeline and two manifolds required for the Shell Pierce Field Gas Lift Development.
  27. Buzzard Oil Field
    • United Kingdom - North Sea
    • KW0994
    • Nexen
    • 2007
    • FEED design of 16" x 4km oil export lines and NGL export options from the Buzzard platform to 2 buoys, including SSIV and tie-in structures.
  28. Topaz Gas Field
    • United Kingdom - North Sea
    • KW0877
    • Vision Oil and Gas
    • 2007
    • FEED of a 6" x 15km subsea tie-back development in Southern North Sea.
    • The included preliminary design and ITT Support.
  29. Okporo
    • Nigeria
    • KW0888
    • Addax
    • 2006
    • FEED study for the Okporo field which encompasses a two-well subsea development tied back via flexible to an existing FPSO.
  30. North Idku Gas Field
    • Egypt
    • KW0791
    • RWE Dea
    • 2006
    • FEED of 10" x 7km infield and 16" x 33km export pipelines and tie-in spools including shore approach design.
  31. Gulf of Aqaba Pipeline
    • Jordan
    • KW0406
    • East Gas Company
    • 2003 - 201
    • Pre-FEED and FEED engineering for a large diameter technically challenging project (36" x 15km), including deepwater (900m), rough seabed terrain and seismic hazards. Specified and supervised survey and interpretation of survey results. Retains record to-date for largest diameter pipeline installed in 900m water depth and the first pipeline approved by DnV without hydrotesting.

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