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Prelude Floating LNG Terminal


Probably the most exciting project in the world of Oil & Gas. The platform will be the largest ship ever built

Integrity Management Project Highlights

Intelligent Pigging for
Petronas Sko Pipelines,
Poleng Field Indonesia KW1403 Kodeco Energy / OIS 2010 Detailed engineering assessment for the pipeline integrity and slope stability during the lowering of a 16" live gas pipeline from a burial depth of 3m to 6m in two locations, with a combined length of 1.5km. The existing 16" submarine pipeline is located 70km from PPP to ORF, located in the Poleng Field off East Java, Indonesia.

  1. Scott And Telford Oil And Gas Fields
    • United Kingdom - North Sea
    • KW1275
    • Nexen
    • 2009
    • Scott Riser Study - Fitness-for-purpose assessment of existing risers for reuse for new conditions, and assessment of Over Pressure Protection System (OPPS).

Leadon Subsea
North Sea KW1323 Maersk / PDI 2009 Study for decommissioning of the Leadon Flowline Bundle. The study assessed the risks and design solution for safe abandonment of the two bundle sections in-situ.
Claymore Pipelines
Freespan Assessment
North Sea KW1229 Talisman / CAN 2009 Remnant life assessment of Claymore pipelines, based on assessment of freespans identified during the 2008 survey.
Mungo Pipelines Freespan
North Sea KW1201 BP 2009 Remnant life assessment of Mungo pipelines based on detailed fatigue assessment of freespans.
Cable Crossing Protection
North Sea KW1248 BP Norge 2009 Review and assessment of a cable crossing protection design. Assessment of the crossing design with regards to the interaction with local fishing activities, and design of a solution that ensures a sufficient level of protection whilst limiting the intrusion upon the fishing activities.
Frigg & Vesterled
Transportation system
North Sea KW1159 Total 2009 Fitness-for-purpose and remnant life assessment of 4 pipelines in the Frigg & Vesterled Transportation System, including freespan and lateral buckling assessment using the data from a General Visual Inspection Survey.

  1. Topaz Gas Field
    • United Kingdom - North Sea
    • KW1119
    • RWE
    • 2009
    • Fitness-for-purpose assessment of existing riser on Schooner platform for use with new Topaz pipeline.

ONS Pipeline Damage
Inspection and Repair
KW0950 NOSPCO / Perenco 2009 Engineering and offshore support for damaged 22" pipeline; offshore survey co-ordination, damage evaluation, 3D FE analysis to evaluate failure modes, repair solution assessment, integrity assessment, repair procedure FE analysis, pre-commissioning support by perform a risk assessment for leak detection by gas pressurisation.
Beatrice Alpha to Bravo
Pipeline Integrity
North Sea KW1085 ITHACA 2008 Assessment of the acceptability of defects within the 5.7km operational pipeline between Alpha to Bravo platform.

Project Owner / Client Date Scope of work
Jarn Japhour WT assessment Arabian Gulf
KW1063 Petrofac 2008 Review of corrosion assessment for the 18-inch Jarn Yapour transfer line and determine the maximum allowable operating pressure as per ASME B31.8.
Calm Buoy System
Arabian Gulf
KW1043 Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) 2008 Client support on damage assessment and repair for calm buoy swivel damage.
Saqqara Pipeline System
KW0943 BP 2008 PIMS Pipeline Integrity Management System development for the 16" production pipeline; review of IM philosophy, review of detailed design documents, comprehensive risk assessment for each element of the pipeline system and subsequent definition of the inspection and monitoring plan.
Greater Plutonio
Angola KW0641 BP / Stolt Offshore 2008 Independent verification of a proposed solution for lateral buckling mitigation of three water injection pipelines. ECA for production, service and gas injection pipelines subjected to high strains due to lateral buckling design. Included assessment of effect of insulation and J-lay collars.
Elgin Riser Assessment
North Sea KW0222 Total / DNV 2008 Fitness-for-purpose assessment through determination of the maximum allowable internal pressure for a corroded riser. Failure analysis of damaged riser system.
Erskine Pipeline
North Sea KW1012 ChevronTexaco / Java Projects 2008 Client support by provide technical assistance in connection with Smart Plug retrieval. Design and supervision of testing and analysis of CRA lined (metallurgically bonded) riser.
Gryphon Gas Export
Pipeline North Sea KW0910 Maersk Oil 2007 Engineering assistance in determine remaining life and need for correction of freespans for the Gryphon Gas Export Pipeline.
Testing of Failed Hose
Section KW0992 Rimkus Consultants 2007 Client support including witnessing of mechanical and laboratory testing and dissection of hose to establish failure mechanism.
Central Area Transmission
System (CATS) Pipeline
Repair North Sea KW0978 BP / Penspen 2007 Failure assessment of the CATS damaged pipeline, dragged sideways and dented by dragged anchor. Development of loads and stress conditions during the dragging event and evaluation of the effect of repair clamps.
Dhirubhai Development
KW0966 Reliance / Cormon Ltd 2007 Finite element modelling for Corrosion Monitoring Spools forgings to confirm feasibility for installation and operation.
Integrity Management Project Highlights (cont.)
Project Owner / Client Date Scope of work

  1. Kelvin Gas Field
    • United Kingdom - North Sea
    • KW0945
    • ConocoPhillips
    • 2007
    • Verification and design modification of the Murdoch Pigging Skid subject to the additional loading from the Kelvin tie-in spool. Third-party review of complete Kelvin pipeline and structures design, including review of ECA for reeling.

Barrow Windfarm Cable
Spans North Sea KW0921 KBR 2007 Assessment of cable spans at J-tube exit due to seabed scour and evaluation of potential mitigation measures. Finite Element models of cable spans, calibration and validation of the models using the free span monitoring data available and present a new prediction of the loading in and fatigue life of cables.
Grove Field Development
North Sea KW0876 Newfield 2006 Fitness for purpose assessment of pipeline following impact by beam trawler.
Western Desert to
Dashour Pipeline System
KW0837 GUPCO 2006 Fitness-for-purpose assessment for over pressurised pipeline. Repair engineering and development of a first stage repair programme for the pipeline in order to stabilise its condition and reduce the risk of failure to acceptable levels prior to a more comprehensive rehabilitation programme being undertaken. Included subsequent design of remedial measures.
Banff Gas Injection
Flowline Flexible Pipe
Integrity Assessment
North Sea KW0820 Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) 2006 Fitness-for-purpose assessment including performing a materials review of the existing flexible pipe for operating at higher H2S levels than the original design basis.
Akhen Snagged Pipeline
KW0790 GUPCO 2006 Failure analysis and development of a remediation and repair plan for the snagged 6" Akhen condensate line bypass.
Tambar Pipeline Incident
North Sea KW0615 BP 2006 Client support in a Peer review and Risk Review Study. Client support as part of team reviewing external corrosion failure of 13Cr pipeline due to hydrogen embrittlement from CP system.

  1. Shearwater Gas And Condensate Field
    • United Kingdom - North Sea
    • KW0908
    • Shell
    • 2006
    • Scoter Field Development - Analysis of consequences of clamp impact damage on integrity of Scoter riser. Assessment of integrity of spools using FE and ECA.

Gulf of Aqaba Pipeline
KW0643 East Gas Company (EGC) 2004
2013 Client support and integrity engineering for the 36" pipeline system and shore approaches for 2004, 2005 and 2006 surveys; Preparation of Survey specs and ITT, technical evaluation and recommendation, Offshore survey co-ordination, survey data analysis, detailed freespan fatigue analysis, annual integrity report, recommendations for continued safe operations.
Continued scope for surveys until 2011.

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