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High Pressure High Temperature Systems / Pipe-in-Pipe

  1. Montrose Arbroath Oil And Gas Field
    • Shaw and Cayley
    • KW1592
    • Talisman
    • 2012
    • UHB Assessment of HPHT Pipelines ranging from 10km to 17km which included insulated pipes with a design pressure at 296 bar and design inlet temperature of 110°C and outlet temperature of 90°C; a piggyback pipeline with a design pressure at 524 bar and design inlet temperature of 112°C.
  2. Orlando Oil Field
    • United Kingdom - North Sea
    • KW1459
    • MPX / Vision Oil
    • 2011
    • Concept and FEED for subsea tie back development comprising of a 6" or 8" production line from the Orlando field in the Northern North Sea to the Ninian Central Platform.
    • A 10km line will be insulated and operate at 375 bar and 110°C. Different material and configuration options were considered, including PIP.
  3. Broom Oil Field
    • United Kingdom - North Sea
    • KW1316
    • Technip
    • 2010
    • Assessment of reeling of the 12/16" PIP and effect of reeling on operation and UHB. Pressure was 207 barg and temperature 80°C.
  4. Shah Gas Development
    • U.A.E.
    • KW1110
    • GASCO / Fluor
    • 2008
    • FEED design of an onshore Sulphur Transportation System, in the UAE. The system consists of a series of insulated PIP pipelines (adding up to a total of over 800km), in which molten sulphur is transported on the inner pipe. In the annulus of the PIP system, superheated water is circulated to maintain the sulphur temperature within the range at which it can be transported in liquid format, i.e. between 125° and 150°C. The design also includes single, insulated water return pipelines to circulate the superheated water.
  5. Jasmine Gas And Condensate Field
    • North Sea
    • KW1028
    • ConocoPhillips
    • 2008
    • The Jasmine Field (nominally HPHT) is a rich gas condensate field located approximately 9km west of the existing Judy platform in ConocoPhillips J-Block operating unit.
    • Key is experience of scour and fishing in the area and previous work on Jade pipeline project. KW provided CoP with some of the Pipeline Concept Engineering Services by considering different pipeline options (i.e. single insulated pipeline and pipe-in-pipe options) and insulation coatings.
    • Different pipeline configuration options were considered such as cooling spools with pipeline trenching and backfilling, shallow burial with intermediate spools and surface snake lay option.
    • The vulnerability of different pipeline options to upheaval buckling and lateral buckling were all assessed.
  6. Devenick Gas Field
    • United Kingdom
    • KW1506
    • BP
    • 2007
    • Review of detailed design of high temperature 8"/14" and 10"/16" PIP systems, transporting highly corrosive fluids.
    • Pressure was 580 barg and temperature 140°C.
  7. Devenick Gas Field
    • United Kingdom
    • KW1147
    • BP
    • 2007
    • KW undertook the pre-FEED engineering of the 10" x 12km wet insulated pipeline transporting corrosive fluids.
    • KW also reviewed the detailed design for BP and assessed the provision of suitable pipe materials / costs.
    • Pressure was 620 barg and temperature 135°C.
  8. Tangguh Gas Field
    • Indonesia
    • KW0231
    • BP
    • 2007
    • KW undertook the preliminary design of the wet insulated 20km pipeline considering various outer diameters (26", 22", 18", 16").
    • Pressure was 132 barg and temperature 110°C. KW also undertook the preparation of CRA lined pipe (mechanically bonded) test specification and budget, supervision of test, assessment of results and preparation of installation and operation limits.
    • In addition, KW undertook FEED review and review of Saipem detailed design and UHB design.
  9. Shearwater Gas And Condensate Field
    • United Kingdom - North Sea
    • KW0940
    • Shell / Allseas
    • 2006
    • Starling - KW undertook the detailed design the 12"/20" x 33km PIP and tie-in spools from Starling manifold to Shearwater platform. Pressure was 265 barg and temperature 110°C.
  10. Teal And Teal South Oil Fields
    • United Kingdom - North Sea
    • KW0854
    • Shell / Technip
    • 2006
    • KW undertook the detailed design of the 8" x 1.5km super duplex wet insulated infield pipeline.
    • Pressure was 272 barg and temperature 130°C.
  11. Mallard Oil Field
    • North Sea
    • KW0828
    • Shell / Subsea7
    • 2006
    • KW undertook the in place analysis of the 8"/16" x 15km anchor-damaged PIP pipeline and design of the repair/ reinstatement.
    • Pressure was 475 barg and temperature 125°C.
  12. Nelson Oil And Gas Field
    • Howe P2 Development
    • North Sea
    • KW0768
    • Shell / Technip
    • 2006
    • KW undertook the detailed design of the 6" x 3.6km wet insulated pipeline.
    • Pressure was 324 barg and temperature 128°C.
  13. Montrose Arbroath Oil And Gas Field
    • United Kingdom - North Sea
    • Paladin
    • WaGE
    • KW0694
    • Paladin / Technip
    • 2006
    • KW undertook the detailed design of the 6/10" x 11km PIP pipeline and other wet insulated pipelines as well as the subsea structures. Pressure was 379 barg and temperature 120°C for the PIP.

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