Hvgo Heavy Vacuum Gas Oil
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Summary Information

  • Product Type: Intermediary
  • Source: Vacuum Distillation Column
  • Specific Gravity: 0.90
  • Usage: Further processed in either FCC or Hydrocracker to produce Gasoline or Gas Oil.
  • Production: HVGO (Heavy Vacuum Gas Oil) is produced by the Vacuum Distillation Unit, through the separation of the heavest fraction from the atmospheric distillation column. It is a heavy and viscous product and is only used as an intermediary.

There are two main uses of the product:

  • Gasoline Production. The Fluidised Catalytic Cracker is a refining unit that cracks the HVGO in the presence of a catalyst, to produce a gasoline rich mix of products.
  • Diesel / Kerosene Production. The Hydrocracker is a refining unit that cracks the HVGO using hydrogen, to produce a mixture of products rich in middle distillates.

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