Hungo Blend Crude Oil

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Summary Information

  • API: 28.3°
  • Sulphur Level: 0.64 mass%
  • Country: Angola
  • Location:
  • Source Fields: Hungo, Chocalho and Marimba
  • Production Volumes: 126 000 bbl/day

Brief Description

  • Hungo Blend is a medium density, medium sulphur crude oil

Distillation Yields

Product %wt
C1 to C4 1,33
Naphtha 16.53
Kerosene 13,11
Gas Oil 15,96
Atmospheric Residue 53.08

Other Specifications

  • Acidity, 0.47 mg KOH/g
  • Nickel, 18.0 mg/Kg
  • Vanadium, 15.0 mg/Kg

Other Information

  • Hungo began production in 2004 and is currently producing ~130 kbd. ExxonMobil is the operator and has a 40% equity interest.
  • Nominal cargo size is 950KB with 2-day lifting period. FPSO has storage capacity of 2.2MB.


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