Hunan Baili Engineering Refinery References
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Inferior heavy oil deep processing, Xinjiang Huiying Petrochemical Co., Ltd. 1000KTA
Expansion and revamping of atmospheric and vacuum distillation,SINOPEC Wuhan Branch 3500KTA
Refinery dry gas desulfurization plant, Yangzhuanghe 600KTA
Optimizing and revamping of delayed coking plant, Yanshan Petrochemical Company 1400KTA

  1. Wuhan Company Refinery
    • Revamping of catalytic cracking plant
    • 1200KTA
  2. Wuhan Company Refinery
    • Delayed coking plant
    • 1500KTA
  3. Wuhan Company Refinery
    • Catalytic reforming-Diesel hydrogenation Joint plant,
    • 400KTA/800KTA

FCC materials pretreatment plant,SINOPEC Wuhan Branch 1800KTA
Wax oil hydrocracking plant,SINOPEC Wuhan Branch 1800KTA
Revamping of gasoline hydrogenation refining plant, SINOPEC Wuhan Branch 1000KTA
Sulfur recovery plant, SINOPEC Wuhan Branch 60KTA
MTBE plant,SINOPEC Wuhan Branch 320KTA
Gas separation plant,SINOPEC Wuhan Branch 320KTA
Aromatic extraction plant, Baling Petrochemical Co., Ltd. 150KTA
Naphtha dearsenification project ,YGPW 100KTA
Chemical materials production from condens oil, Prosperous Energy Company, Shida,Weifang 1000KTA

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