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Summary Information

  • Operator: The Hibernia Management and Development Company Ltd. (HMDC)
  • Country: Canada
  • Location: 315 km east southeast of St. John's, Newfoundland
  • Production start:
  • Partners: ExxonMobil Canada (33.125%), Chevron Canada Resources (26.875%), Suncor (20%), Canada Hibernia Holding Corporation (8.5%), Murphy Oil (6.5%) and Statoil Canada Ltd. (5%)
  • Type: Hibernia Blend Crude Oil
  • Estimated Reserves: Total recoverable oil reserves estimated to be 615 million barrels
  • Production Volume: 150,000 bpd


  • Discovered in 1979, the Hibernia oil field is located 315 km east southeast of St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, in 80 metres of water.
  • The field is significant by any standards. For example, it is the fifth largest field ever discovered in Canada.
  • The Hibernia Offshore Platform is a Gravity Based Structure (GBS) oil-drilling, production and storage facility.
  • The platform has a production capacity of 150,000 barrels per day


  • Kiewit: mechanical outfitting (MOF) of utility shafts and, as part of a Kiewit-led partnership, providing construction management services for the gravity base structure (GBS)
  • HHI: Service & L/Q Module
  • Technip: Offshore Loading System (OLS)


  • 1979 - Hibernia oil field is discovered
  • 1997 - The completed platform was towed to the Hibernia oil field and positioned on the ocean floor in June
  • 1997 - Began producing oil on November 17


  • It consists of two principal reservoirs of early Cretaceous age - the Hibernia and Ben Nevis-Avalon reservoirs - located at average depths of 3,700 and 2,400 metres respectively.


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