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Ideas, comments and gripes about the site.
6267by Utpal ChowdhuryUtpal Chowdhury
19 Oct 2018 13:07Jump!
Introduce yourself
6063by Utpal ChowdhuryUtpal Chowdhury
19 Oct 2018 13:08Jump!
Requests for information. Can be for the site or for anything else.
6474by robertgfinance robertgfinance
08 Oct 2018 21:32Jump!
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This category holds per-page comment threads
8444by KevinCassidyKevinCassidy
06 Nov 2012 15:13Jump!
Deleted forum discussions should go here.
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260324by Sekaran SebastianSekaran Sebastian
13 Nov 2018 16:27Jump!
5354by robertgfinance robertgfinance
08 Oct 2018 21:33Jump!
Mergers & Acquistions
7197by Sekaran SebastianSekaran Sebastian
13 Nov 2018 16:26Jump!
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5171by robertgfinance robertgfinance
14 Nov 2018 14:13Jump!
121170by Sekaran SebastianSekaran Sebastian
13 Nov 2018 16:28Jump!
4851by robertgfinance robertgfinance
08 Oct 2018 21:45Jump!
Services & Engineering
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169209by ihfundserviceihfundservice
02 Nov 2018 18:47Jump!
102123by Jamesolsen TerrazasJamesolsen Terrazas
23 Oct 2018 01:15Jump!
Production, Consumption & Prices
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3941by robertgfinance robertgfinance
08 Oct 2018 21:45Jump!
3434by robertgfinance robertgfinance
08 Oct 2018 21:46Jump!
Storage & Trade
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4144by Shaik HayathShaik Hayath
27 Oct 2018 06:11Jump!
5565by Utpal ChowdhuryUtpal Chowdhury
19 Oct 2018 13:16Jump!
106128by Utpal ChowdhuryUtpal Chowdhury
03 Nov 2018 11:52Jump!
Investing In Oil & Gas
Investing In Oil & Gas
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Buy, Sell or Hold, whats the latest thoughts on investing in the sector
6363by BoskovicBoskovic
09 Oct 2018 02:51Jump!
Opportunities for investing in oil & gas fields, pipelines and other sector properties
99110by Saqer IbraheemSaqer Ibraheem
16 Oct 2018 00:00Jump!
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104155by robertgfinance robertgfinance
08 Oct 2018 21:49Jump!
3030by robertgfinance robertgfinance
08 Oct 2018 21:49Jump!
3339by Utpal ChowdhuryUtpal Chowdhury
19 Oct 2018 13:06Jump!
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News that don't fit the other categories
2121by abarrelfullabarrelfull
26 Aug 2010 05:56Jump!
Downstream news
88by abarrelfullabarrelfull
25 Aug 2010 06:08Jump!
Transport and Storage news, including pipelines and LNG
55by abarrelfullabarrelfull
14 Sep 2010 05:52Jump!
Upstream News
1919by abarrelfullabarrelfull
14 Sep 2010 08:38Jump!

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