Europipe I Gas Pipeline

Summary Information

  • Source: Draupner E riser platform
  • Destination: Dornum, Germany
  • Ownership: Gassco
  • Website:
  • Length: kilometres ( miles)
  • Capacity: 46 MSm3 per day
  • Status: Operating


  • The Europipe I gas pipeline runs from the Draupner E riser platform in the North Sea to a receiving terminal at Dornum on the German coast. With an internal diameter of 40 inches, it is 620 kilometres long.
  • Gas is supplied from the Kollsnes Gas Processing Plant


  • Saipem: Europipe 16/11E Riser Platform T&I
  • Kvaerner: 16/11-E Jacket
  • Global Maritime: Project specific hazard analyses


  • 1995 - Europipe I became operational

Other Information

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