El Brega Refinery
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Summary Information

  • Ownership: Sirte Oil Company
  • Website: http://sirteoil.com.ly/
  • Location:
  • Capacity: 0.2 million tons/annum & 8,000 bbl/day
  • Nelson Complexity:
  • Refining Depth:

Brief Description

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Refining Units

Terminal Capacity

  • Crude Oil: Sixteen tanks, the capacity of each tank is 268 thousand barrels
  • Refined Products: 13 tanks with a total storing capacity of 240,000 barrels

Crude Supply

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Products Produced

  • Super Benzene (light fuel), Kerosene, Diesel oil, Heavy oil (ADO), Light Naphtha, Jet Fuel

Ongoing Projects

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Other Information

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