Crane To Houston Crude Oil Pipeline

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Summary Information

  • Source: Crane, Texas
  • Destination: East Houston, Texas
  • Ownership: Magellan Midstream Partners
  • Website:
  • Length: kilometres ( miles)
  • Capacity: barrels of oil per day
  • Crude Type:

Brief Description

  • It is a project to reverse and convert to crude oil service in the Longhorn Oil Products Pipeline from Crane, Texas to its East Houston, Texas terminal.

Pipeline Status

  • Commissioning


  • 2011 - Magellan announce the project
  • 2012 - Magellan announced that capacity would be increased to 225,000 bpd from a previously targeted 135,000 bpd

Other Information

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  1. Magellan Midstream Proceeds with Reversal and Conversion of Houston-to-El Paso Pipeline to Crude Oil Service
  2. Magellan Midstream Announces Open Seasons for West Texas Crude Oil Shipments to Houston
  3. Magellan Midstream to Expand Crane-to-Houston Crude Oil Pipeline Capacity

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