Coryton Refinery

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Summary Information

Refining Units

  • atmospheric distillation
  • vacuum distillation
  • fluid catalytic cracking
  • Catalytic reformer
  • Hydro desulphurisation units
  • Gas recovery unit
  • Isomerisation unit
  • Alkylation unit
  • Lube base oil production units

Terminal Capacity

  • Crude Oil:
  • Refined Products:

Crude Supply

  • The refinery's crude oil supply arrives via the five operational jetties

Products Produced

  • Petrol
  • Diesel
  • Kerosene & jet fuels
  • Fuel oil
  • Lubes & specialities
  • Bitumen
  • LPG

Ongoing Projects

  • * The refinery has been closed down and converted into a terminal

Other Information

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  • 1953 - Refinery commissioned by the Vaccuum Oil Company, a subsidiary of Mobil
  • 1996 - Operations transfered to BP
  • 2000 - Exxon sells its share to BP
  • 2003 - Gasoline Desulphurisation unit commissioned
  • 2007 - Acquired from BP by Petroplus
  • 2012 - PWC announes that it failed to find a buyer for Petroplus's Coryton Refinery
  • 2012 - Royal Vopak, Greenergy and Shell UK acquire the site for conversion to a terminal

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