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Summary Information

  • Operator: BG Group
  • Country: Trinidad And Tobago
  • Location:
  • Production start:
  • Partners:
  • Type: Oil / Gas
  • Estimated Reserves:
  • Production Volume:


  • This onshore block covers 27 square kilometres and includes the currently producing Carapal Ridge, Baraka and Baraka East developments
  • Carapal Ridge, is the largest onshore discovery made in Trinidad and Tobago in the last 40 years when
  • Gas is transported via a 12km 10-inch pipeline that connects to NGC’s network.


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  • 2000 - Carapal Ridge was discovered
  • 2004 - BG Group acquired the block



  1. BG Group to make agreed offer for further exploration and production interests in Trinidad & Tobago

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