Canadian Oil Gas Companies Active In North Africa
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The following oil and gas companies are all traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and have activities in North Africa.

TSX Traded companies active in Tunisia

  • Bolivar Energy Corp.
  • Canoel International Energy Ltd
  • Chinook Energy Inc.
  • Columbus Energy Limited Tunisia
  • CYGAM Energy Inc. Tunisia
  • DualEx Energy International Inc. Tunisia
  • Madalena Ventures Inc. Tunisia
  • Candax Energy Inc. Tunisia
  • Lundin Petroleum AB Tunisia
  • Sonde Resources Corp Tunisia

TSX Traded companies active in Egypt

  • TransGlobe Energy Corporation
  • East West Petroleum Corp Egypt
  • Groundstar Resources Limited

TSX Traded companies active in Morocco

  • Longreach Oil and Gas Limited
  • Serica Energy plc
  • TransAtlantic Petroleum Ltd

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