Brazil Route 1 Gas Pipeline

Summary Information

  • Source: Santos Basin
  • Destination: Cabiúnas Gas Treatment Terminal
  • Ownership: Petrobras
  • Website:
  • Length: kilometres ( miles)
  • Capacity: 10 MCM per day
  • Status: Operating


  • Measuring 359 kilometers in length, and fitted with sections of 18 and 34 inches in diameter, Route 1 consists of two parts: The Lula-Mexilhão Platform section, and the section connecting the Mexilhão Platform to the Monteiro Lobato Gas Treatment Unit (UTGCA), in Caraguatatuba, São Paulo


  • 2011 - The pipeline started operations

Other Information

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  1. FPSO Cidade de Maricá goes into operation in the Santos Basin pre-salt cluster

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