Bozhong 34-1 Oil Field

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Summary Information

  • Operator: CNOOC
  • Country: China
  • Location: Bohai Bay
  • Production start: 2007
  • Partners:
  • Type: Oil / Gas
  • Estimated Reserves:
  • Production Volume:



  • COOEC: CEPA module Fabrication


  • 2007 - First oil produced
  • 2009 - BoZhong 34-1 North (BZ34-1N) started production



  1. Largest Module Totally Undertaken by COOEC in A EPCI Contract Was Successfully Loaded in the Largest
  2. Bozhong 34-1 Oilfield Development Project Receives Silver Prize of National High-quality Project for 2009
  3. CNOOC Ltd. Announces New Fields Brought on Stream Ahead of Schedule

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