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Summary Information

  • Source: Balgzand in the Netherlands
  • Destination: Bacton in the United Kingdom
  • Ownership: BBL Company
  • Website:
  • Length: 230 kilometres ( miles)
  • Capacity: 1.75 million cubic metres per hour
  • Status: Operating


  • Consists of a 230 km x 36” diameter gas pipeline from Balgzand in the Netherlands to Bacton Gas Plant in the United Kingdom


  • Saipem constructed it under a lump sum contract
  • AMEC: Design, engineer and deliver a new gas reception facility
  • Global Maritime: Warranty surveyor for installation of 36” export line
  • FoundOcean: Grouting


  • 2004 - Saipem awarded construction contract
  • 2005 - AMEC awarded contract for natural gas reception facilities
  • 2006 - Pipeline operations began

Other Information

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  1. BBL Company Website
  2. FoundOcean Subsea References
  3. Global Maritime Pipeline References
  4. Saipem Europe Pipeline References
  5. Saipem awarded new contracts in North Sea and Nigeria for a total amount of approximately 220 million Euro
  6. New pipeline to supply gas from the Netherlands to the UK
  7. AMEC awarded £25 million contract for natural gas reception facilities

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