Apci Lng Process
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APCI technology is the most used liquefaction process in LNG plants

The Process

Air Products developed MCR processes for natural gas liquefaction plants in baseload service. Our process is optimized using multicomponent refrigerant streams in compression refrigeration systems. This system provides cooling at a continuum of temperature levels to liquefy the natural gas feed stream. By using a mixture of gases rather than single refrigerant components, the thermodynamic efficiency of the process is enhanced and the liquefaction system is greatly simplified.


The main cryogenic heat exchanger, or MCHE, is the heart of the LNG process. Air Products’ MCHEs feature a proven and robust mechanical design, along with high quality fabrication critical to the successful operation of the LNG process. Each MCHE consists of several spiral-wound tube bundles housed within an aluminum or stainless steel pressure shell designed to retain refrigerants in the event of a shutdown.


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