Alternative Hydrocarbons

Coalbed Methane

  • Black Diamond Energy, Inc. is a significant natural gas developer in the coalbed methane play in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming.
  • Far East Energy Corporation was formed to acquire explore, develop, and produce, oil and gas, with heavy emphasis on coalbed methane which has emerged as a lower cost/lower risk/higher return resource.
  • Green Dragon is a gas supplier based in China with a focus on the development, production, distribution and sales of natural gas from coal seams, commonly known as coal bed methane or CBM.

Underground Coal Gasification

  • Linc Energy has proven the combination of two technologies, Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) and Gas to Liquids (GTL). Together these technologies have the potential to economically convert 'stranded' coal, from deep underground, into ultra-clean liquid fuels.

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