3rd Annual Asia Pacific Small and Mid Scale LNG Forum (APAC LNG)

3rd Annual Asia Pacific Small and Mid Scale LNG Forum (APAC LNG)
14 - 16 May 2014
Pan Pacific | Singapore


Commercial drivers & technical applications to achieve Asia Pacific’s small-mid scale LNG potential
The third Annual Asia Pacific Small and Mid-Scale LNG Forum (APAC LNG) will bring together over 150 experts from across the region to address challenges and opportunities to develop the small-mid LNG landscape in Asia.

Taking place from 14 – 16 May at the Pan Pacific in Singapore, APAC LNG brings together leading regional decision makers from NOC’s, IOC’s, energy regulators and commercially invested market leaders to deliberate on topics that cover the full value chain. These include: global and country specific market drivers, financing and legal requirements, vessel and power facility development, technical and geographical challenges and the opportunities for regional industry players.

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